29 February 2012

dear self, y u not photogenic?!?! anyways. this is my new hairstyle. :D

28 February 2012


so tomorrow, well today, i'm getting my hair cut. short. i'm petting a pixie cut. i've had it that short, but it's still nerve wracking and exiting. i'll update with pictures when i actually get it cut. stay tuned!

vampire's elite

vampire's elite

Sheer blouse
£143 - farfetch.com

Black skirt
£22 - desireclothing.co.uk

Giuseppe Zanotti platform pumps
$795 - couture.zappos.com

Fiona Paxton silver jewelry
£135 - the-dressingroom.com

Wallis aqua ring
$12 - wallisfashion.com

22 February 2012


my new clothes came in! everything featured in the photos is from shopplasticland.com. teal shirt, black dress and lace heels. i'm in love!

21 February 2012

Color Splash

Color Splash

All Saints draped top
$80 - allsaints.com

Jay Ahr striped pants
$2,215 - net-a-porter.com

ALDO high heel shoes
$100 - aldoshoes.com

Antique handbag
$30 - amazon.com

$387 - lnt.com

All Saints cable jewelry
$195 - allsaints.com

VIcenza beading jewelry
£8 - debenhams.com



alright, so i have been wanting to work out for ages and my mom finally caved in and bought us the Zumba DVD. and let me just say, Zumba is amazing. it's so much fun. you don't realize you're working out until your abs feel like they are on fire. i love it to death. forty minutes and you're done. and it's so much fun! i'm totally going to be sticking with this.  

UPDATE// Webcam and Websites

alright, so i have recently discovered some issues with my webcam. it records video, but no audio. so until i figure that out, i'll be updating here. so that's news number one. news number two. some amazing websites i have recently discovered. i'm sure i have mentioned them previously, but lets go through this again. PLNDR and shop plastic land. so far, shop plastic land is my favorite. they have retro and steampunk clothing. i have recently ordered four things from them, which will be arriving tomorrow, Wednesday. you can expect that the moment i get them, i'll be posting either a video or some pictures. PLNDR is the invite only website, which is squally amazing. everything on the site is reasonably priced and i simply adore it. and finally, i have made a lookbook. i would appreciate it if you would go check it out and hype it or whatever. i'll have everything linked below for your convenience. <3 


Summer Dress

Summer Dress

Bb dakota dress
$52 - shoptaintedkiss.com

Miss Selfridge lace heels
$80 - missselfridge.com

Genuine leather handbag
£295 - whistles.co.uk

Crystal jewelry
$26 - pinkmascara.com

Cat eye sunglasses
$12 - ocshades.com

20 February 2012

monster high

monster high

Lace shirt
$17 - shoptaintedkiss.com

Cynthia Rowley cotton skirt
$295 - cynthiarowley.com

Red stiletto heels

Alexander McQueen leather jewelry
$325 - forwardforward.com

Edge Of Urge long earrings
£22 - farfetch.com

UPDATE// Monster High

alright, so i have a new obsession. the fashion dolls known as monster high. i absolutely adore them. the fashion is amazing and the character ideas are brilliant. i am in love. i will be doing several updates and videos where i will be wearing clothing and make up inspired by the dolls. and yes, i am even in love with the little animated series. never have i thought a group of fictional character (since harry potter) would control my life so. but i'm not complaining at all. 

19 February 2012

OOTD : Berries & Floral

REVIEW : Suede Boooties

REVIEW : Lace Earrings

OOTD : Shady day

UPDATE// 19 FEB 2012

i have recently discovered two amazing new clothing sites. one of them, plndr, requires a referral link, which i will post in the links down below. it is a member only website, which is amazing. the clothing choice is amazing and i will certainly be shopping there much more. the other website shop plastic land is absolutely amazing. i recently bought five things from them and will be buying much much more. 



hello everyone. this will be more official then my tumblr blog. i will update here much more then my tumblr, which will now be used for pictures. so tl;dr: this blog for literal updates and tumblr for pictures. expect several posts. i will update this with my life and new websites i discover and discount codes and everything. so enjoy your stay. <3