21 February 2012

UPDATE// Webcam and Websites

alright, so i have recently discovered some issues with my webcam. it records video, but no audio. so until i figure that out, i'll be updating here. so that's news number one. news number two. some amazing websites i have recently discovered. i'm sure i have mentioned them previously, but lets go through this again. PLNDR and shop plastic land. so far, shop plastic land is my favorite. they have retro and steampunk clothing. i have recently ordered four things from them, which will be arriving tomorrow, Wednesday. you can expect that the moment i get them, i'll be posting either a video or some pictures. PLNDR is the invite only website, which is squally amazing. everything on the site is reasonably priced and i simply adore it. and finally, i have made a lookbook. i would appreciate it if you would go check it out and hype it or whatever. i'll have everything linked below for your convenience. <3 


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